Greetings from Bornholm, DK

Now available on Amazon: my new photo zine Greetings from Bornholm, DK.

The Danish island of Bornholm is a magical place. Memories and visions painted with light.
This collection of photographs was shot over the span of four days. All images were shot on film using the Holga 120 FN as well as the Zero Image 2000 pinhole camera.

Toycameras such as the Holga have low grade plastic lenses and create unique photographs which look like nothing a digital camera can do. Taking the idea of low-fi photography even a step further, a wooden pinhole camera was used for some of the images in this book. No lens, no electronics… just a dark box with a tiny hole in the front an a roll of film in the back. Some exposures took up to a minute. The dreamy quality of the images are take you to a very special place.